Why Marriage Counseling?

Everything in our lives requires maintenance, and sometimes, repair. We change the oil and tires on our cars. We cut and/or color our hair. My Keurig repeatedly reminds me that I have to change the water filter and from time-to-time, de-scale the built up residue from inside of it. I believe that most of us would agree that if we want our bodies and our things to last and function well, we should maintain them. Furthermore, when we forget or ignore regular required maintenance, we can be assured that things may only get worse over time. The same goes for marriage. We must make continual investments in this vital relationship that involves attempting to prevent problems before they arise, or deal with issues that may have caused some damage.

In our relationships, maintenance involves making continual investments in others and ourselves. It means focusing on the positive, minimizing the negative, enjoying the times of peace, and working through the struggles. However, sometimes repair is needed. Whether intentional or accidental, negative things in our relationships accumulate and can stifle our growth. Marital counseling can be beneficial to help with both maintenance and repair in a relationship. Many of us have primary physicians with whom we check in yearly, who know our health history, and who are available to help us with an array of health issues, both preventative and corrective. In the same manner, by developing a relationship with a marital counselor early on in your relationship, you and your partner have already laid the groundwork for your relationship and may feel much more comfortable talking with him/her during more urgent times.

In either circumstance (preventative or repair), marital counseling can be a tool to strengthen, enhance, and even save a relationship. Not sure what to expect from marital counseling or where to even find a counselor/therapist? Here is a Huffington Post article I wrote addressing those very issues. Also, Psychologytoday.com is a great online resource to find counselors/therapists in your area. You can read counselors' profiles, areas of expertise, and locate their contact information on this site. Remember, with hope and motivation, change and growth is possible. Therapists believe in this and want to help. If you are in the Tallahassee, Florida area and are in need of services, please contact me.

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