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Couples therapy is for those wanting to focus on couple/marital issues, such as strengthening their relationship, restoring emotional and sexual intimacy, or improving communication and conflict resolution. I focus therapy on identifying problematic relationship patterns, increasing love and bonding between partners, and improving vital relationship skills. Couples can attend therapy for relationship enhancement as well as during times of stress and crisis.


An affair can be one of the most traumatic events a couple experiences. However, with appropriate therapy, couples can heal and experience a fulfilling relationship. I provide a structured plan for setting appropriate relationship boundaries, fostering positive emotional connection, and rebuilding trust. The help of a trained couples therapist can really make affair recovery possible.  


Family/Parent-child therapy is for individuals and families who want to strengthen their relationships, improve trust, or improve communication and conflict resolution. The goal of this therapy is not to place "blame" on any one particular person in the relationship or family. Instead, we will work to gain a mutual understanding and respect between everyone so that the relationships can grow and thrive. 


Divorce is a very difficult experience. Support and counseling for individuals going through separation or divorce can include re-establishing a personal identity, healing from the loss of the marriage/relationship, and moving forward in a healthy manner.


Individual therapy can be pursued by anyone who wants to make a positive change in their lives. It can be beneficial at times of stress and crisis, as well as during life transitions. I specialize in working with those who want to work on improving their communication, boundary-setting, and self-confidence. I also see clients struggling with depression and anxiety. 


Divorcing or separated parents can benefit from counseling regarding how to co-parent in respectful and collaborative ways. The goal of these sessions is to clarify parenting expectations and encourage collaborative communication. Both parents and children will experience the benefits of a cooperative co-parenting relationship. 


Premarital education is intended to help a couple start off their marriage prepared to address its joys and challenges. These sessions focus on areas of strength as a couple, goal-setting for the marriage, identifying areas for growth, and learning how to approach common couple issues throughout marriage. Per Florida policy, four hours of premarital counseling provides a discount on the marriage license fee. 


Remarried couples have different experiences than those married for the first time. There are unique stressors to stepfamilies, including merging two different households and parenting styles, creating a new couple and family identity, and co-parenting with stepparent involvement. Couples who are “blending” families deserve support and guidance on how to approach this with realistic and positive strategies.

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